Associated Trans Link (A.T.L.) is a privately owned company in Marseille, France. Created in 1998 by Christian CUADRA, ex-merchant marine with many years of experience in shipping industry, ATL started its activity as forwarding company. ATL has served various industries as well as individuals and assisted their business both domestically and internationally dealing with broad range of commodities such as automobiles, industrial machines, textiles, food and beverage products and personal effects.

Since 2000, ATL has been established as super yachts’ agent and begun to focus on marine logistics. Our high standard level of services and deep maritime knowledge were appreciated by customers and ATL has quickly gained reputations among ship agents, ship operators, ship owners and suppliers in the south France region.

In the meantime, ATL has developed services for shipyards from Marseille to Toulon, with a full range of assistance such as: customs procedures (inward processing relief, import/export/transit declaration), full concierge services including visa arrangement for crews, certification assistance (ship sanitation, ENG1), and supply operations. We also brought our deep expertise to shipyards in St.Nazaire and provided consulting services.

While Marseille has attracted more and more cruise lines, ATL steadily expanded business in cruise logistic market. Particular aspects of cruise logistics are its strict time constraints and large volume of cargo for each call. Owning a warehouse just next to cruise ships’ terminal and taking full advantage of company’s flexibility, reactivity, ATL’s has been working for major cruise ship agents / ship operation companies.

Today, ATL ensures clients a top level of customer-oriented services 24/7 and keeps working hard to be number 1 at customer service. We are ready for new challenges and happy to develop ourselves through client’s needs.