Assistant to ship agent, ship manager, ship owner

Located just next to the Marseille Port, ATL has been serving a number of ship agents for many years. Most of our clients strategically chose us for seeking cost-saving and efficient operations.

With ATL, clients are able to:

Focus on core activities:

Ship’s agents have to coordinate versatile ship’s requests in a relatively short time. By collaborating with ATL, agents can focus on their core activities and handle a lot more vessels effectively.

Improve Service Quality:

ATL guarantee the higher level of quality to ship agents and their customers through our accumulated know-how and extensive knowledge in logistics and ships. We maintain a close liaison with agents and offer the maximum information on spot.

Save money:

Ship Agent is constantly exposed to seasonal fluctuation of ship traffics. Without investing additional resources, facilities, or stuffs, our clients can fully benefit from our prompt and reliable services anytime.



The Port of Marseille-Fos places strict regulations on discharging ship generated waste.

Depending on the type of waste, we organize a pickup providing a suited package, and keep up the procedure till the end. Working with local waste service providers, ATL ensures that the collection and process are correctly treated in accordance with these regulations.


ATL assists bunkering for all types of vessels.

Ships’ bunkering is often encountered unexpected disturbances such as strikes, berthing schedule change, and rough weather. As a coordinator, we facilitate the operation by translating foreign suppliers, verifying safety documents, issuing customs documents and assisting connection / disconnection.

Our close ties with the port authority permits ships for secured bunkering which totally comply with the safety regulations.


Under time constraints and language barriers, finding the right spares or service providers could be difficult task. Thank to our close relationships with local suppliers, as well as qualified stuffs with technical competence, we are ready for any emergency needs..


ATL provide reliable and complete logistics services to ships. All our drivers are regularly trained and qualified with IMDG certification for dangerous goods, and our vehicle are fully equipped for entering restricted terminal in the port such as petroleum terminal. Please refer to the section “Ship Spares Logistics” for the further explanation of our services.

Our expertises also cover the area such as:

  • Shuttle Bus – Taxi
  • Rental Cars
  • De-rafting – Sanitary Certificat